Apprenticeships For The Trade Industry

In the UK has always been and to some degree still is a stigma regarding trade related apprenticeships. Sometimes there cannot only be a resistance from youngsters to do apprentices but also reluctance from a business to take on new apprentices. We disagree with the notion of 'apprenticeships are out dated' instead we believe they are vital within certain UK industries such as Plumbing, Heating, Building, Construction, Maintenance, Carpentry, Electrical and Joinery. Apprenticeships are far more advanced than they where 20/30 years ago, with a lot more support and educational material from colleges, schools and universities for different trades.

The trade industry is fundamental to the UK and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. The business benefits for apprenticeships are substantial if used appropriately. However in the past there has been some negative press around apprenticeships and how successful they are i.e. a business not engaging in an apprenticeship just for lower cost labour. These negative cases are a drop in the ocean compared to the successful one.

We have continued to spread the word about apprenticeships to various tradesmen across the country including plumbers in London, engineers in Bolton, electricians in Manchester, joiners in Lancaster and builders in Brighton. For more information about apprenticeships, about us and/or about our schemes, please fill in our contact form.